Spring Swing

23 Apr

I like spring a lot.  I don’t love it…that’s reserved for fall, my favorite season of all (how cute that rhymed).  Usually, once the giant mounds of snow melt, spring’s in full swing and ready to blast off.  However, this year has been a little different.

Our winter, we all claimed was “the worst winter ever”.  Whether that’s really true or not is up for debate.  But, needless to say, it sucked.  So, when spring was finally emerging, I was jumping for joy.

I could walk outside not covered head to toe in layers.  There was grass, pavement, and birds singing.  The temperatures started creeping up, approaching darn right balmy temperatures.  It was awesome…and then, Mother Nature slapped us across the face.

Where I live, we received almost 7 inches of snow…my sister received 13.  It was insane and cruel.  Easter weekend the girls were outside making snowmen with no jackets on.  They had a blast, and I must admit, I loved watching the little bastards melt (the snowmen, not the children).

We were teased yet again with amazingly warm weather and then Mother Nature decided to be a B and bring the cold and rain.  Despite its suckiness, it is good to have, since we do need the moisture and the lawns to green up.

I am just at the point that I’d like more than a couple of days of great weather before it turns to crap again…is it really too much to ask Mother Pain in the Ass?

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