Try, Try Again

15 May

Alright….here we go.  Yet another attempt to begin a fitness regimen and “non-diet”.  I say “non-diet” because diets never work.  You eat grass and carrot sticks for a week and then you’re sick of it and go on a hog fest at McDonald’s.  Yeah…don’t act like you’ve never done that.  Whatever.

I found a small health club near my office that is offering some good discounts, making the monthly membership thirty dollars, which is dirt cheap.  I figure if it’s walking distance from work and on my way home, how can I not workout, right?

I’ve belonged to more health clubs then you can shake a wet towel at, yet, I’m still out of shape. You get the resolution to be active and get fit, and then something or someone interferes and your plan goes to hell.

The same goes for the “non-diet”.  For awhile, I was really good about passing on the Miller Lite and eating at home making healthy recipes.  It was great…until life happened…divorce, new job, moving. The diet became the pig-out, and that became the security/comfort blanket.  Not good.

Now that life is more settled and I have a hot man in my life, I’m ready to get back on track.  It hasn’t been easy, considering we’ve had the worst winter ever and work has been a bitch.

However, I’m determined to start the eating right/exercise program again.  I figure I’ll keep fighting the fight until I either take a dirt nap or hit my head and have “tasty food amnesia”.  This condition will wipe out every memory of yummy food and replace it with a desire for the grass and carrot sticks.  Well, one can dream anyways.




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