The SS Anything Goes

11 Jun

Wow.  That’s all I have to say about KDWB’s Booty Cruise.  I’ve heard the stories and seen the photos but that pales in comparison to being there in person.

My friend and I were dressed like nuns compared to some of the young ladies on board.  These were some very confident (or highly intoxicated or both) gals.  Skinny/extremely overweight; tall/short; attractive/not so much; It did not matter.  These women wore outfits I would never wear outside of my house.  I’ve never seen so many tattoos and stilettos in one place.

The buffet line was around the room.  You could tell men were not on the boat, because women were walking away with plates of food like it was their last meal.  No men = pig out.

We mainly hung out on the first floor where psychic Gary Spivey was performing.  It was great to see him in person, but the women were so loud you couldn’t hear the person asking the question or Gary’s response.  Really frustrating.

The second level was where the male dancers were performing.  This was the wild level.  We passed through but kept right on going.  Neither of us are interested in nearly naked, greased-up men gyrating their junk in our faces.  No thanks.

The third level was outside and a nice break from the madness.  That is, until the end of the evening when the debauchery made its way up the stairs.  You can see the photos for yourself on  All I can say is it was interesting.

I checked out the photos myself the next day.  Some of them were so disgusting I felt like I needed to take a shower after viewing them.  However, did that stop me from looking through them all or wanting to go back next year?  Hell, no!

It was like the MN State Fair on the river.  While I felt completely out of place and the experience otherworldly, I really did enjoy it.  The station puts on an awesome party and it’s great women can go out and have a good time together…I even made a couple new friends.  A blast!

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