Death by Cell Phone

2 Jul

Yet again, another tragic story of distracted driving involving a cell phone.  This time, it was a mother, who was biking with her two young daughters in a bike trailer on the side of a highway. She and her girls were minding their own business, out for a nice ride, and then the unthinkable happened.

A 25 year-old thought whatever was on his cell phone was far more important than paying attention to his surroundings.  His truck plows into the mother and her daughters.  Mom is killed instantly.  The daughters are injured, but are expected to be fine.

Now, thanks to this careless and selfish human being, a man is widowed and his girls will never know their mother.  Countless friends, family, and community members are also affected by this senseless act.

Granted, the man who killed this woman and injured her children is affected as well; his life is altered forever.  I would hate to be him and have to live with the guilt of killing an innocent woman and hurting her girls.

However, he gets to live, she does not.  I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to realize all it takes is seconds glancing at your phone to cause a life-changing incident.  Put down the damn phones!  What is so important that you have to look at it while driving 55 mph?

For all the convenience cell phones offer, they’re also a distraction and a threat to public safety. Will the time come when phones will be banned from vehicles or their signals jammed so you can only use them outside of your car?

Who knows…in the meantime, please put your phones away when you’re behind the wheel.  It’s not worth taking the chance of injuring/killing yourself or someone else.  Don’t become a statistic or a bad headline.

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