Crappy Customer Service

16 Jul

We’ve all had the experience.  You go into a business, spend your hard-earned money, and get treated like crap.  It’s incredibly frustrating and insulting.  I had the displeasure/pleasure recently of not only experiencing awful customer service, but excellent service as well.

Monday, I went to a local liquor store to make a purchase.  The young man at the register said the credit card machine was slow and timed out on the first card swipe, so he swiped my card again.  When I came home and checked my account, of course, I was charged twice.

I called the store and at first, they couldn’t even find the transaction.  Luckily, I had the receipt showing I was charged twice.  I was told the extra charge was voided and to check my account the next day and it should be corrected.

Later the next day, I checked and the charge was still there.  Once again, I called and was told to come in the store and they would give me a cash refund.  I went in the next day to make a purchase and was told they were not authorized to give me the refund.  Only the owner could, and he’s in the store from 9am-3pm.  I was there at 4pm.

Needless to say, I was not happy.  Why wasn’t I told this information over the phone and spared the inconvenience?  I told them this is bad business and a great way to lose customers and left without purchasing anything.

Tomorrow, I will go in (being inconvenienced a fourth time) to chat with the owner and get my refund.  I’m hoping the owner will apologize for the inconvenience and somehow persuade me to spend another penny at his store.

Now for the great customer service.  I left this store in a huff and went to the store by my house. I told them what I had experienced at the other retailer, and how wonderful they are, and why I will from now on make my purchases at their store.

Their customer service skills were tested, however, when I came home and my purchase was damaged.  I went back to the store and they gladly replaced the item on the spot. No questions asked and they profusely apologized.

That, my friends is good customer service.  I’m not asking a business to bend over and pucker up, I just want to be treated fairly and respectfully.  Times are tough, and I’m spending my money in your establishment.  The least you can do is be pleasant and I walk away content.  Is that too much to ask?!

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