Damn Pride

30 Jul

I’m one of those people who absolutely hates asking for help unless it’s necessary.  My pride gets in the way and makes me feel guilty to the point where I feel bad.  It’s almost like telling myself I’m a loser for reaching out, which is insane.

I will never ask for directions and rarely will I use the GPS on my phone or Google Maps to figure out where the hell I am.  I’ll drive around, making my daughter crazy, until I find the place.  I guess I’m kind of guy in that sense…heaven forbid I stop and ask for directions.

I also have a hard time asking for financial assistance if I get in a bind.  It’s admitting defeat, like you can’t take care of yourself.  But, unfortunately, there are times when almost everyone needs a little help.  I feel like a puppy who peed on the carpet, walking with their tail between their legs.

It’s almost like I feel judged or I’m inferior because I can’t do things on my own, whether it’s financial, asking for directions, or refusing to read the instructions to build a toy for my child.  I think it’s great I have the “I’m woman, hear me roar” mentality, but sometimes it just gets in the way.

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