Missing Motivation

13 Aug

I am having a very difficult time mustering up the motivation to start training for a 10 mile race in October.  A couple of years ago, I was totally in the zone, ready for all the races I participated in. This year, my motivation is as non-existent as Santa Claus.

I signed up for the race, hoping it would force me to get my rear in gear, but it hasn’t.  It doesn’t help I’ve had a major personal setback, which has pretty much destroyed my self-esteem and energy to brush my teeth, let alone train for a race.

My friend, who’s running the race with me, is also in the same boat.  Part of me is glad, but part of me wishes she was ahead in training so I’d feel the pressure to keep up.  Now my thought is, “Well, at least we can walk the course together.”

This thinking is so wrong and negative, but it’s hard to get up to speed when all I want to do is pull the covers over my head and wish the last month away.  There is still time to train, but the days are slipping away.  Will I be ready in time?  Who knows.  If I am, fantastic.  If not, at least I get a free t-shirt.

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