Bitch Slapped into Fall

10 Sep

Holy crap, what just happened?  Within 24 hours, we went from highs in the 70’s and thunderstorms to highs in the 50’s and rain.  It’s as if we were literally bitch slapped from summer into fall.  Mother Nature sure has a temper…must be her time of the month?

I love fall, but it would be nice if it would be a gradual process.  Start with high temps in the 70’s, cooling down to the 60’s, leaves slowly changing to their beautiful autumn color show.  This shocking switch from one season to the next is hard on our minds and bodies.

Myself and countless others are fighting nasty coughs and sore throats thanks to this seasonal change.  It’s so fun to start a new job and constantly have to apologize for coughing all over everyone and smelling like a cough drop factory.

Let’s hope this roller coaster ride swings upwards again and we can enjoy some more pleasant weather until the gates of Hell open and winter brings its dreaded misery upon us.  Really uplifting, huh?

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