It’s Just One of Those Days

17 Sep

Myself, and several other people I interacted with, said this phrase today.  It started to get me thinking….do we “will” it to be one of those days, or does the day just happen and we assume it’s one of those days?

I know there’s the power of positive thinking and if you’re negative, bad things tend to happen. However, can you be on a “bad day” trajectory because one negative incident occurred?  Here’s my example from today…what do you think?

My morning started out fine until my daughter had an epic meltdown right before we left the house. She could not zip up her jacket, so everything after that was the end of the world.  All the way to school it was, “This is the worst day ever.  I don’t want to go to school.  You don’t like me anymore.”

Ugh.  I just want to get to school…really?!  I drop her off and head to work.  I’m on the freeway when a slow poke in the fast lane won’t move over.  I decide to pass on the right and when I move, he decides to move over in front of me.  Bad idea.

I hate slow drivers and I get really mad when they switch lanes in front of me and I’m cut off. Heaven forbid he waits for me to pass.  I didn’t handle that well and let’s just say he knows I wasn’t pleased.

Once I arrive at work, it’s instant attack mode by the students and teachers.  I barely get a chance to drop my bag and they’re on me like vultures.  Luckily, I am actually able to solve their problems and I’m a “hero”.  Things are starting to look up and the rest of the day is great.

Now, I wonder….did I doom myself to a bad day because I was in a negative mindset, or was it just a coincidence all of this crap happened at the same time?

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