Pigs in a Pail and Computers Don’t Mix

24 Sep

Well, let’s just say it was an interesting day at my new job.  I’m the technical support person at a high school.  It’s a fun job…I love working with the kids and the staff are wonderful.  Every day is a unique day, which I love.  However, the embracing of uniqueness can also bring up interesting situations.

I had to install some software on a biology teacher’s computer.  All was good at first, since the students were sitting at tables and reviewing their test scores.  Once they were finished, it all went downhill.  The students moved to the lab…and brought out the pigs.

When I was in biology class a million years ago, we did not dissect pigs (or if we did, I erased it from my memory).  I couldn’t look past the computer monitor.  All I could hear were the comments from the kids (“Ugh, this is so gross!”, “Wow, look at his stomach!”, “Why is there all of this stuff floating around in the pig?”).

I tried to focus on the computer but between their comments and the smell, I was about to toss by breakfast.  Never did I think software installs would involve fermented animals and squealing teenagers.



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