No Brain Neighbors

9 Oct

Has any of you ever had to share walls with others?  Apartments?  Condominiums?  Townhouses? Oh, my!  I have and there’s nothing more frustrating than having neighbors whose brains don’t comprehend that you have shared walls.

First example:  I came home from work around 5:30 pm yesterday to the sound of booming music in my bedroom.  This was not music I was playing (because it sucked).  The sound was so clear and loud that the stereo might as well have been next to me.

To stop the noise, I had to pound my fists on the wall.  I appreciate they actually did turn the music off, but why was I able to hear it in the first place?  Why are they blasting music in a bedroom…one that is ADJACENT TO MINE!

Example two:  The slamming cupboard doors.  Why do people feel it’s necessary to test gravity and their muscle strength every time they close a kitchen cupboard door?  One night, these neighbors were slamming doors like it was an orchestral performance.

Not to feel left out, I decided to join in the cupboard concerto, and added a couple of my own.  I have to say, it did indeed enhance the performance.  Did it still annoy and frustrate me I had to do that?  Yes.

Advice:  To those of you who aren’t capable of being aware of others and your surroundings, don’t understand the concept of a shared wall, and live in La La Land….MOVE TO A HOUSE AND LEAVE ME ALONE!  Ahhhh….I feel better, thanks for letting me vent.

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