Who the Hell Wants Tricks?!

30 Oct

Seriously…how did the “trick” part of “trick or treat” ever happen and why?  I haven’t researched it, and I’m sure there’s some “amazing” reason why there was the trick option.  If anyone can provide the background on this, I would appreciate it.

Were the treats, back when this concept was invented, so bad that you would choose to be tricked over them?  What on earth were they giving out?  “I can give you a rotten popcorn ball I made last Halloween, or I can chase you through the corn field, dressed like the devil, until you faint or pee your pants?”  Gee, sounds like fun to me!

Nowadays, we all want the treats.  We’re constantly dieting, eating grass and carrot sticks, so who wouldn’t want some chocolate?  You would all be lying if you said you didn’t do either:

  1. Encourage your child to thoroughly cover a five-mile radius to supply an abundance of sweets.
  2. Not encourage and be the “responsible parent”, but raid their candy stash when they’re out of sight or distracted.

Enjoy your Halloween…be safe!!

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