Coincidence, Bad Luck, or Need Some Meds and Depends?

5 Nov

Do you ever have times where it seems like a string of bad things will happen?  You then wonder, is it just a coincidence?  Is it a case of bad luck?  Perhaps it’s a case of I’m getting paranoid and need to see a medical professional?

Case in point.  In the last week, I had three job opportunities that didn’t pan out.  Granted, the interviews and “processes” went over a few weeks, but still.  I understand that they weren’t meant to be, but did they all have to wallop me at once?

Then there’s a crazy neighbor issue.  My “fabulous” neighbor let her daughter and boyfriend stay at her place while she was out-of-town working.  Let’s just say, I live in a good neighborhood and these people clearly stand out as not belonging.

Over the weekend, they were causing multiple problems in the neighborhood, enough that people were getting fearful of what they would do next.  It’s not exactly relaxing to come home from work at night and wonder if someone is going to scream out their window at me or come knocking on my door.

Thankfully, they have been banned from the property and hopefully we’ll never see their charming little faces again.

During this time, my allergies also decided to kick in.  So not only am I stressed, but I’m coughing, and coughing hard enough that my bladder can’t hold it back.  I’m a grandma in my forties.  Great. Really sexy to be sporting Depends (not that I’m wearing them-but I should be!).

Let’s hope next week is a fresh start and a new chapter:  Job opportunities appear?  Check!; Psycho neighbor is gone forever?  Check!; I can cough and not fear the bladder floodgates will open? Priceless.

One Response to “Coincidence, Bad Luck, or Need Some Meds and Depends?”

  1. Teresa December 15, 2014 at 9:53 pm #

    So having a weak bladder isn’t just from having too many kids and I’m actually getting old? 😉 :::sigh:::

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