You Say Cough I Say Pneumonia

12 Nov

I thought I had the cough beat.  The over the counter cough medicine and cough drops were doing their thing…until the fever it.  It came on all of a sudden after lunch last Thursday.  The wave of heat hit and the thermometer confirmed I had a 103 temperature.

The drive to urgent care was a complete fog.  I had tunnel vision and didn’t even notice the jerk trying to swerve into me to get me to slow down so he could move over.  Hey idiot, it’s kind of hard to notice a turn signal when YOU’RE DRIVING PARALLEL TO ME AND YOUR CAR IS SMALLER THAN MINE!

Sorry, I digress.  The chest x-ray confirms I have pneumonia.  Wonderful.  In my forty plus years on this planet, I’ve never had strep throat or bronchitis, but here I get pneumonia.  Isn’t this something old people get?  Why am I coming down with this?

It has sucked, literally.  I have zero energy, even though the fever is gone and the cough is much better.  I can only spend so much time on the couch or in bed before I get crazy bored.  It’s sad when you’re excited to take the trash out and it’s 20 and snowing.  I need to get better soon!

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