The Joy of Holiday Merge?

20 Nov

It is that time of year…the holidays are fast approaching.  Family and friends are going to be gathering to give thanks.  New relationships will dip their toes into the “first holiday with their significant’s family” waters.

I was supposed to be doing that next week for Thanksgiving.  My daughter and I were so excited to be spending the day with CF and his three kids.  We’ve made so much progress, the kids spending time together and having so much fun.  Parents relieved that everyone is getting along so well.

Plans were made, menus thought out.  All was good, until the ex-wife and all of her jealous, insecure goodness, interfered.  As a result, my daughter and I have been uninvited to Thanksgiving, and it hurts.

All of a sudden, things are going “too fast” and the kids might be uncomfortable with my daughter and I being there.  How can that be, when they enjoyed our company on all of our other visits?  I don’t understand how this one particular day is different?

Enter their Mom, who doesn’t want my daughter and I to be around “her” children. We spend too much time over there, which is totally untrue.  The “threatened” parent is trying to manipulate the children and use them as pawns in the battle of the wills with CF.  It’s sad and disgusting.

So, for now, my daughter and I have no plans for Thanksgiving.  In many ways, I am very sad and angry.  On the other hand, it will be an opportunity for my daughter and I to have a nice, quiet holiday together.

We can make our own special turkey dinner, watch our favorite movie, and start decorating for Christmas.  Am I disappointed about what has happened?  Yes.  Am I going to let it ruin Thanksgiving for me and my girl?  Absolutely not!

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