It’s Tryptophan Time!

26 Nov

Yes, tomorrow is the day.  Friends and family gather from near and far; football, championship dogs, and parade floats are viewed; three thousand ads for Black Friday sales are overflowing from the newspaper.

However, the best part of Thanksgiving is not all that extra fluff.  It is the food!  Yes, family can be fun, but let’s face reality.  Great Aunt Millie can be a pain in the ass. Little Bobby runs around with sticky fingers and snot-covered sleeves.  Uncle John is fun until about the fifth cocktail, when he becomes ornery and starts picking fights with everyone.

It doesn’t matter, though, because there is the Thanksgiving feast.  It’s the tryptophan coma, and it’s awesome.  There’s nothing better than covering turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing in a sea of gravy.  Green bean casserole?  I can even stomach slimy green vegetables when they’re drowning in creamy soup and onions.  The golden buttered rolls mop up the last traces of goodness on your plate.

As if you’re not swollen enough and the seams are splitting on your pants, the pies, whipped cream, and ice cream are brought out.  Pumpkin?  Yep.  Pecan?  Of course. The treats taste so delicious but you literally cannot put another bite in your mouth because you’re not sure if it will stay down.

At that point, you roll yourself away from the table and collapse on the couch.  It doesn’t matter what’s on TV because you’re in such a tryptophan haze you can barely remember who you are and where you are.  The last cocktail for the evening?  Alka Seltzer on the rocks.  Yum!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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