It’s Turntable Time, Baby!

11 Dec

I was SO excited.  The Sunday Target ad had turntables on sale (record players for us more “mature” folks).  My box of albums and singles might finally see the light of day! Hooray!

I have a collection that’s been packed away in my closet since I went off to college. They go way back to my kiddie days (Sesame Street, Disco Duck) to my high school days (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”, and Band Aid’s “Do They Know it’s Christmas”).

I played these records continuously and am shocked they’re not worn out or scratched to death.  The memories of being in my room and listening to them over and over, memorizing every word, is priceless.

I’m looking forward to pulling them out of the box for my seven year-old daughter to see.  She will probably think they’re plates with a hole in the middle, but that’s okay.  They will not sound as clear and crisp as the songs on my iTunes but I don’t care.

I want her to know that back in the day, albums were cool.  The covers were flashy, the lyrics were usually inside, and sometimes you’d get a bonus poster.  There wasn’t a skip or fast-forward, so you actually listened to all the songs on the album and sometimes, find better songs than the ones that were released.

Those were also the days when MTV played music videos ALL THE TIME.  They didn’t have all the lame reality shows about teens getting knocked up or people punching each other while plastered.  It was all about music, and it was awesome.

So this weekend, I will be taking a trip down memory lane.  My daughter will be entertained for about ten minutes, but I will be appreciating the simpler times and the artist’s material besides their Top 10 hits.

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