The Prune Juice Squirt Diet

17 Dec

I know this sounds strange, but bear with me.  A few weeks ago, I heard about a diet “strategy” that celebrities use to keep uber-skinny.  I’m sure this would normally involve eating nothing but grass, carrot sticks, and cotton balls.  Exercising would consist of walking in stilettos from one store to another on Rodeo Drive.

However, this new “method” sounds much more sensible?  These people will go to the trendiest, most expensive restaurant in LA, and order a very delicious meal.  They will indulge by having a few bites, but then kill their appetite by spraying something nasty on their food.

Window cleaner, bug spray, grapefruit juice, whatever they decide to tuck into their designer purse, will ruin their appetite, and allow them to stay thin.  Since I’ve had zero luck in losing weight with my halfway intelligent diet plans, I’ve decided to change my ways.

I introduce, the “Prune Juice Squirt Diet”.  It does sound gross, however, this plan could be very effective…and cheap.  All you need to do is go to the local grocery store and buy a bottle of prune juice.  Load up a squirt bottle with the juice, pack it in your handbag, and hit the local dining hot spot.

You start drooling over the menu, while consuming your favorite alcoholic beverage (or two).  The plate of yumminess arrives and you are beyond ecstatic.  Consumption begins and soon you realize half of your plate has been ingested.

It’s time for action…and the Prune Juice Squirt.  You yank the bottle out of your purse and go to town…while tears are streaming down your face.  It’s the right thing to do, but you’re still heartbroken the rest of your burger and fries is covered in this disgusting liquid.

How effective will it be?  Well, time will tell, but the idea is there and I will soon put it into action…after the holidays, of course.

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