Big Bowl Day

29 Jan

I am excited!  Sunday is the big day for bowls…and I’m not talking pasta or toilet bowls.  In a few days, we will be seeing animals and athletes competing, and it will be awesome!

First is the Kitten Bowl.  It’s pretty darn cute watching these little kitties chasing and bouncing all over their little football field.  Next, the Puppy Bowl.  How can you resist these sweet little pups running around?

Finally, we have the Super Bowl.  My drool and food fest.  First of all, I get to graze on snacks and adult beverages.  Secondly, I get to watch hot football players. Halftime will be Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz, which will be great, because I won’t fall asleep.

The best part?  Commercials!  Even if the game sucks, there are always the commercials to keep you entertained, roll your eyes, or laugh out loud.  Last year’s commercials were lame, so I’m hoping these are much better.

Are you watching?

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