Super Bowl Sadness

5 Feb

Yes, I was sad the Patriots won.  I’m not a Tom Brady fan and think very little of him off of the football field.  However, this sadness had nothing to do with the game and everything to do with the commercials.  Ugh!

What was the deal?  It seemed like it was the year to make everyone depressed.  My daughter and I were so excited for the game and the halftime show with Katy Perry. We pulled the couches together to make a giant bed and grazed on snacks.  It was awesome and fun…and then the commercials began.

I’m a sucker for anything to do with animals and kids.  So, what do the saddest commercials involve???  A kid and a puppy.  Really?!  We’re having a great time, enjoying the game, and then we are crying.

Gee, thanks advertising geniuses for making me AND my seven year-old upset.  Was it really necessary?  What happened to the entertaining/funny commercials?  The Fiat commercial with the Viagra?  Awesome!  I loved the girl empowerment commercial from Always…great message!

Also, a shout out to the positive dad ads!  So often, ads portray men and dads as idiots who can’t put together a swing set or forget something at the grocery store.  So nice to see nice, supportive commercials!

We need more of the funny, positive, empowerment commercials and less of the depressing, “make us feel bad while we’re at a party with friends” commercials.  Super Bowl Sunday is party time, not therapy time!


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