Tax Angels

12 Feb

Yes, I have one…and I love her!  We had a meeting today and it was amazing.  Why? Not only did I get the “meet with the tax person” meeting off my plate, but I also have the entire tax process out of my wheel house.  It’s awesome!

I’m so not a numbers person, which is ironic, because my college major was Information Systems.  Any time there’s something even remotely close to math that I have to deal with I break out into a cold sweat.

I can barely balance my checking account without being stressed.  Creating a budget for myself?  That process would cause me to retreat in fear.  Preparing and submitting my taxes?  There would be a tremendous amount of shaking occurring, followed by the consumption of medication and/or adult beverages to calm me down.  Not good.

So who comes to my rescue, my Tax Angel, that’s who!  It’s great meeting with her, dropping off all of my tax “stuff”, and running away.  It’s very comforting to know I can trust someone to process and submit my taxes and I have to do nothing but wait to receive my refund.

Does my Tax Angel come cheap?  Nope!  However, it’s worth it for me to have that big chunk of yuck taken from my worry list.  I’d rather take some money out of my account and know the taxes are submitted correctly than deal with the IRS knocking on my door.  No thanks!

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