Is February Over Yet?!

19 Feb

I’ve had enough of this month.  It’s dark, cold, snowy, and the only highlights are waiting for a fat rat to see his shadow and a Hallmark holiday.  That’s it.  Boring.

Oh, I guess there was the Grammy awards with a performance every ten minutes and five of them were actually worth watching.  The Super Bowl was at the beginning of the month, full of athleticism, Katy Perry, and depressing commercials.

Wait, there was President’s Day, with all the kiddies out of school and lots of sales on mattresses and cars.  It was also a day when you could quiz your children on all the presidents names and embarrass yourself by knowing only the ones on the coins and bills in your wallet.

It’s the month where the air is so dry my skin is cracking more than the Mojave desert in July.  I walk outside in the morning and the windchill is so low it hurts to breathe.  I love the black ice that’s invisible and makes morning commutes so enjoyable and crash-worthy.

Where are you March?  I need you now.  Please bring us Daylight Savings Time, the cute little Leprechaun, and March Madness!

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