Selling Out My Waistline

25 Feb

It’s that time of year…yes my friends, it’s Girl Scout cookie time!  These treats are delicious and it helps the Girl Scouts to fund programs for the kids throughout the year.  However, as a “Girl Scout Mom”, it’s also the worst time of the year.

It begins innocently enough with the order forms.  There they are, the cookie flavors all in their glory.  The photos and descriptions of each flavor just begs for you to purchase them.

Next is the sell, which let’s be honest, isn’t really that hard.  Sure, there are a few folks that have the willpower to say no, but most can’t or won’t.  It’s for the girls, so how can you be a meanie and not purchase at least one box?  Worst case scenario, buy the box, eat a couple and freeze the rest for a future treat.

Finally, the delivery of the cookies.  I pick them up and they’re in my house.  The temptation of the boxes and the smells (plus the begging and pleading of my daughter) forces me to buy three boxes.  Okay, forcing is a little extreme, but there was definite cookie coercion involved.

I succumb to the almighty Girl Scout cookie and I’m not ashamed.  They’re tasty and for a good cause…my daughter’s troop.  The bad news?  I sold out my waistline for the kids and I don’t care.  Once a year to have a treat and give these girls some fun, self-esteem and responsibility, doesn’t seem so terrible to me.

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