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Wee One Wisdom

25 Mar

It’s funny how we, as adults, think we’re so smart and wise to the ways of the world. Until, that is, you have a seven year-old.  Before I was a parent, I thought kids were just a giant pain in the ass and a great tax deduction.

Little did I know, how entertaining and bright they can be.  For example, over the last several months I’ve been looking for a job and doing a lot of interviewing.  Every day I had a meeting, she would wish me good luck and ask how it went.  If I didn’t get the job, she’d tell me, “Well Mom, this wasn’t the right one for you and tomorrow will be better.”

She’s also very aware of politics and this morning on the way to school, went on and on about future presidential candidates and who she thought would be best for our country and why.  All I could think was, “Who on earth is this kid?”

The best part of a child this age?  She still believes in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and leprechauns.  Her schoolmates will tell her they’re not real but she tells me, “I don’t care what they say, because I know they are.”

For St. Patrick’s Day, she left a note hanging from our front door, inviting the leprechauns to stop by.  Before we left in the morning, she told me, “Don’t worry Mama, the leprechauns are mischievous and may move stuff around, but they won’t knock over the treadmill because it’s too heavy.”

I left work early and bought a few treats from the store and wrapped them in the leprechaun note and placed the package in the house.  When we arrived at the front door and she noticed the missing note she yelled, “The leprechauns were here!”  Slowly she opened the front door, scared they might still be inside.

Once she realized the coast was clear, she found the package and shouted, “Yes!  I knew they were real.  I can’t wait to tell everyone at school tomorrow!”  It was so darn cute…I never want her to outgrow her beliefs or let go of her imagination, thirst for knowledge, and compassion…all priceless.

Happy Anniversary

19 Mar

Monday was mine and CF’s second dating anniversary.  It’s crazy how fast the time has flown by.  It seems like yesterday I found him on and inquired about his goofy username.

The response from CF started the conversation and led to the first meeting at a local sports bar/restaurant.  It was great, having good conversation and laughing a lot, which led to a long teenage make-out session in the parking lot.

Two years later, we still enjoy being together.  Has it been all good times?  Well, if you’ve read my blogs, the answer is obvious.  However, those good times have far exceeded the bad times.  In honor of that, I’m listing some of the great things CF has done for me over the last 24 months:

  • Opens the car door for me (and other doors as well)
  • Is generous
  • Has supported me through gains and losses (weight-wise and otherwise) and hasn’t once given me crap about it
  • Keeps the number on my side of the bed at a ridiculously low setting, even though when I’m gone it’s like the Continental Divide next to him
  • Takes me out to dinner versus having me cook, even though I’ve offered a million times
  • Makes me laugh and roll my eyes
  • Still plays tennis with me even though I curse at him worse than a sailor
  • Says he loves me first
  • Is awesome with my daughter
  • Thinks my family is amazing

I feel so fortunate we found each other and look forward to the future.  Love you, CF!

I Have the Fever!

12 Mar

Wow.  It has been AMAZING here in the Twin Cities the last few days.  We went from sub-zero temps a couple of weeks ago to a forecast of almost 70 tomorrow!  I LOVE it!

We didn’t even have a bad winter and I’m still beyond excited about the weather. Compared to last winter, this season has been darn tolerable.  Flashback to a year ago, when my daughter and I were returning from a trip to Las Vegas, because it was so miserable here we had to escape.

The cold and bursts of snow were small and tolerable enough that I didn’t feel the need to get away this year.  Sure, a trip to Hawaii would’ve been fabulous, but it wasn’t necessary.  In a Minnesota winter, that my friends, is a good thing.

There’s nothing I love more than the first time you can roll down your car window and take in the warm breeze (without the aid of your car heater!) and crank the tunes. Yesterday was the day and it was awesome!

We may have a couple more hits of cold temps, and heaven forbid some more snow, but who cares.  Daylight Savings Time has happened and we’ve been bit with the fever. The best part?  Spring officially starts in nine days!  Bye bye Old Man Winter, hello flip-flops!

My Plans For Your Birthday

5 Mar

Okay, I admit…I kind of invited this to happen, but it still bums me out.  When the Minnesota Twins baseball schedule for this season came out, CF mentioned they are playing the St. Louis Cardinals, his favorite team.

Of course, the game falls on my birthday.  At the time, I said it was no big deal and it would be fun.  Then the text came from CF telling me he ordered the tickets.  Whoohoo.

Granted, they are great seats and I love Target Field, but it’s my birthday.  This is the one day I want to do what I want, when I want, and where I want.  I’m sure it will be fun and we will go out to dinner beforehand, but it’s not what I planned, it’s what he chose.

If it would’ve been his plan to surprise me with this for my birthday or plan something special at the game to acknowledge it, that would’ve been fine. However, that was not his intention.  There was another game he could have chosen but he didn’t.  Why? Because he didn’t want to take time off from work.

I know he didn’t do it on purpose to be mean and disrespectful, but it still kind of was. In his defense, he is offering to take me out on another day to do what I want to celebrate my birthday.

So maybe I have no right to complain?  Was Marge out of line to be mad when Homer bought her a bowling ball, for her birthday, with his name inscribed on it?