I Have the Fever!

12 Mar

Wow.  It has been AMAZING here in the Twin Cities the last few days.  We went from sub-zero temps a couple of weeks ago to a forecast of almost 70 tomorrow!  I LOVE it!

We didn’t even have a bad winter and I’m still beyond excited about the weather. Compared to last winter, this season has been darn tolerable.  Flashback to a year ago, when my daughter and I were returning from a trip to Las Vegas, because it was so miserable here we had to escape.

The cold and bursts of snow were small and tolerable enough that I didn’t feel the need to get away this year.  Sure, a trip to Hawaii would’ve been fabulous, but it wasn’t necessary.  In a Minnesota winter, that my friends, is a good thing.

There’s nothing I love more than the first time you can roll down your car window and take in the warm breeze (without the aid of your car heater!) and crank the tunes. Yesterday was the day and it was awesome!

We may have a couple more hits of cold temps, and heaven forbid some more snow, but who cares.  Daylight Savings Time has happened and we’ve been bit with the fever. The best part?  Spring officially starts in nine days!  Bye bye Old Man Winter, hello flip-flops!

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