Wee One Wisdom

25 Mar

It’s funny how we, as adults, think we’re so smart and wise to the ways of the world. Until, that is, you have a seven year-old.  Before I was a parent, I thought kids were just a giant pain in the ass and a great tax deduction.

Little did I know, how entertaining and bright they can be.  For example, over the last several months I’ve been looking for a job and doing a lot of interviewing.  Every day I had a meeting, she would wish me good luck and ask how it went.  If I didn’t get the job, she’d tell me, “Well Mom, this wasn’t the right one for you and tomorrow will be better.”

She’s also very aware of politics and this morning on the way to school, went on and on about future presidential candidates and who she thought would be best for our country and why.  All I could think was, “Who on earth is this kid?”

The best part of a child this age?  She still believes in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and leprechauns.  Her schoolmates will tell her they’re not real but she tells me, “I don’t care what they say, because I know they are.”

For St. Patrick’s Day, she left a note hanging from our front door, inviting the leprechauns to stop by.  Before we left in the morning, she told me, “Don’t worry Mama, the leprechauns are mischievous and may move stuff around, but they won’t knock over the treadmill because it’s too heavy.”

I left work early and bought a few treats from the store and wrapped them in the leprechaun note and placed the package in the house.  When we arrived at the front door and she noticed the missing note she yelled, “The leprechauns were here!”  Slowly she opened the front door, scared they might still be inside.

Once she realized the coast was clear, she found the package and shouted, “Yes!  I knew they were real.  I can’t wait to tell everyone at school tomorrow!”  It was so darn cute…I never want her to outgrow her beliefs or let go of her imagination, thirst for knowledge, and compassion…all priceless.

One Response to “Wee One Wisdom”

  1. Anne March 27, 2015 at 12:16 pm #

    She is so sweet!

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