Am I The Fool, April?

1 Apr

Yeah, it’s April 1, which means I should have expected an onslaught of practical jokes, outright lies, or absolutely nothing.  What did you experience?  I heard crickets and had a plain, old, average day.  In other words, not a darn thing happened.

Am I disappointed?  Yes and no.  If it was a joke that was not harmful or too embarrassing, then bring it.  If not, then be forewarned I might not react in a good “I’ve been pranked” way.  In other words, don’t mess with my food or suggest money is coming my way when it’s not.

Then again, it was kind of funny to hear a co-worker freak out his daughter over the phone with an April Fools joke.  People were hesitant to try treats someone brought in for fear they were seriously something not fit for human consumption.

I hate surprises and being caught off-guard, but maybe for one day I could lighten up and have fun with the “holiday”.  Perhaps next year instead of being the April Fool I can be the April Fooler and bring out the inner prankster in me.

If anyone has some great April Fools you pulled today let me know…I’d love to hear about them!

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