Computer Woes

9 Jun

I apologize for not blogging last week.  My computer decided to go all “wackadoo” on me.  I had just worked on my computer and shut it down for the evening, with no inkling there were issues.  The next morning, the computer was still on and had the nasty screens that no one wants to see.  Yep, my machine was toast.

The following day, I took the dead machine to a local store, hoping to recover the files and pictures I had saved on the hard drive.  I was a little concerned when the tech person looked at my computer in awe, like he had just seen a dinosaur egg break open on the counter.

His first reaction to my machine was, “Wow, I haven’t seen these kinds of ports before…and they’re even color-coded!”  Great.  It was worse when he noticed that the computer was refurbished and at one time had Windows Vista on it.  That was when the customer behind me laughed.  Ugh.

However, after the embarrassment of the fossil computer was over, I was reassured when the tech explained what work needed to be done.  He was very thorough, knowledgeable, and didn’t make eye contact with me once.  I think he stared at my shoulder the entire conversation.

The best news of all, is that not only did he recover the files and pictures I actually cared about, but he also put them on the new computer and my machine works like a champ.  I’ve learned my lesson…well, a couple lessons…back up and often…and don’t wait until your computer is ready for the Smithsonian to replace it.

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