No Veggies For You!!!

15 Jul

Where I work, there is a very nice cafeteria, with a wide choice of dishes at several stations.  One can visit the grill, have a deli sandwich, enjoy some ethnic entrees, savor comfort food or have a healthy meal.  It’s really great they offer not only a place to buy food, but many tasty options that don’t break the bank.

The other day, trying to be calorie-minded for a change, I decided to grab a side of steamed veggies.  The vegetables are at the Comfort Food station.  I asked the “chef” for a side of veggies, and as he was serving them, he proceeded to go on a rant about why they shouldn’t be at his station.

I smiled and nodded as I tried to get away but he kept complaining, saying they belong at the Wellness station and he doesn’t understand why he gets stuck with them.  After a couple of minutes, I just wanted him to shut up and wait on someone else.  I even let him get away with tossing a chicken breast on my plate that I didn’t want so I could escape.

Yesterday, I decided I would give the station and the “Veggie Nazi” a second chance.  Big mistake.  I approached the counter and asked for a side of vegetables.  He gave me a dirty look and said, “Is that all you want?”  All I could think was, “What is this guy’s problem?  Does he get commission off of the chicken breast sales?  Is he offended because he worked so hard on perfecting the chicken and all I asked for was steamed broccoli?”

I love the cafeteria, but from now on, I’m avoiding angry, sensitive Veggie Nazi and his station.  I’ll stick to the salad bar or Wellness station if I want my health fix and let him stew over his vegetable/chicken steam.

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