Downsizing the House

19 Aug

Hum the title along to the tune of The Talking Heads “Burning Down the House”.  It’s quite catchy and fun, until you actually have to downsize your house.  This is what I will be doing the next couple of months and I’m beyond excited (insert eye roll here).

Thanks to the bustling and thriving rental market, I have now been priced out of my townhouse.  The rent is increasing by sixty bucks and they will not negotiate.  The landlord said they could offer some “home improvements” if I renew my lease.  I’m thinking, yeah right, they’ll generously offer to replace all of my incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs free of charge.  Gee, thanks.

The city and surrounding communities have such high rental rates I will be going from a three bedroom townhouse to a one bedroom apartment, with a seven year-old.  Oh boy, will this be fun.  I mean, she and I like each other and all, but there won’t be too many places to escape when we drive each other nuts.

I will also have to do a lot of purging, which is not all bad, except there’s a ton of stuff.  Part of me is looking forward to getting rid of things we never use but part of me wants to hug my inner hoarder and find a way to keep the CD’s and cassette tapes I’ve had since my teen years.  Snicker all you want, but that Paula Abdul cassette may be valuable someday!

As much as it will stink to downsize, it will be a relief to be free of sky-high rent and breathe.  One less monkey on anyone’s back will significantly reduce stress and actually allow enjoyment of life.  It will be a nice change of pace.




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