Moral Decay of Society via MTV

2 Sep

It is official. We, as a society, are going straight down the morality toilet. I felt as a country we were headed that way, and it was confirmed Sunday night, watching the MTV Video Music Awards.

Miley Cyrus was hosting the train wreck, I mean, awards show. Any shred of Hannah Montana was beyond gone, replaced by an obnoxious, foul-mouthed, and basically naked person. Everyone knows she has gone down this new path, but wow. She not only went down that path but sprinted down it to Trashville USA.

My seven year-old daughter wanted to watch the show because Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber were performing. However, knowing Miley was part of the show, there was no way it would be appropriate for her to view.

I recorded the show and could let her watch those performances but that was it. The majority of acts were way too sexual for anyone under 18 to watch. I’m not a prude by any stretch of the word but I was shocked at how disgusting most of the show was.

It’s sad that these beautiful, smart, and talented female artists feel the need to be overly sexual to be attractive and get attention. Why do they think it looks good to spread their legs and grind all over someone as their boobs and asses are hanging out?

It was actually a good opportunity to explain to my daughter that you don’t need to dress and act “yucky” to feel pretty, smart, and confident. People should be valued as a person, not an object.

Unfortunately, too many pre-teen and teenage girls watch this and many other shows without parental supervision. Thanks to the media wanting to get big ratings and revenue, they go to the gutter for programming. In turn, they do so at the expense of our girls’ self-esteem and values.

Girls will watch these shows and think dressing and acting trashy is cool and how you get attention. Nowadays, nobody wants to watch “Little House on the Prairie with Good Values and no Sex, Swearing, or Fights”. 

We have been desensitized to sex and violence and will, unfortunately, tune out shows that don’t contain them. It is the moral decay, and it is very sad.

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