17 Sep

The blog post this week is to announce the newest addition to my family. Her name is Maddi and we are beyond thrilled to have her join us in our new home. For my daughter and me, she’s an extra special new member of the household, so let me share Maddi’s story.

It began with a person’s brilliant idea to give a family a kitten as a present, not knowing if they would even want her. They accepted the gift and decided that in order to keep their house nice, Maddi would need to be fully declawed.

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that by doing this, you’re leaving the cat utterly defenseless. If the poor kitten ever got outside, she’d be toast. Oh well, no biggie thinks the family, at least the furniture will look great!

Maddi’s (not her name at this time) owners were using a brand of cat litter that for some reason, she did not like to use. As a result, Maddi was having accidents. Again, anyone with some brains might think about switching litter brands to find one that worked for her.

Did the family do that? Nope. Instead, she was deemed a “bad cat” and chained up in these assholes’ basement FOR FOUR YEARS!!! But hey, at least they were nice enough to give her food and water, right?

This poor cat was cast aside with minimal human contact and destined for a lifelong prison sentence. Thank heavens, the neighbor convinced these jerks to give up Maddi and let her have a chance at a better life.

This angel brought Maddi to another angel, her foster mom named Amy. When Maddi arrived, she was terrified, hiding and hissing. Every day, Amy would sit next to the bedroom closet, talking to Maddi, hoping she would come out. She also renamed her Maddi, thinking a new lease on life deserved a new name.

Seven days later, Maddi came out and rubbed against Amy’s arm. She had decided Amy was okay and most importantly, she was safe. That was in February and Maddi has improved greatly since then, learning to trust again.

My daughter and I met Amy and Maddi by accident, which means it was fate. One Sunday, we decided to visit a local cat rescue recommended by my publicist. The cats there weren’t a good fit and as we were about to leave, Amy walked in.

She had three rescue kittens to drop off and told us she had two adult cats that need a good home. So the following weekend, my daughter and I headed to Amy’s home to check out her foster cats. We met the two cats and then Amy remembered she had another adult cat we could meet. Her name was Maddi.

It took several minutes, but eventually she came out to see us. By the end of the visit, we were petting her while she ate treats out of our hands. My daughter and I fell in love, and we adopted Maddi that week.

We hope she loves being with us as much as we love bringing her into our family. Our goal is, after all the trauma she’s been through, Maddi has the best rest of her life ever.


One Response to “Maddi”

  1. Teresa (aka Wold) September 17, 2015 at 1:36 am #

    Congratulations! I’m sure Maddi will learn to take life a bit less serious having you and your daughter. 😉

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