Warehouse Living

24 Sep

Ah, the joy of moving. The good news? I’m getting rid of lots of crap. The bad news? I am living in a warehouse.

My living room is furniture, surrounded by a sea of boxes. If I stand in the kitchen, I can’t see the living room. I’m just waiting for the forklift to drive by.

The entire first floor is so packed with boxes, furniture, and stuff to donate, my daughter and I have resorted to walking sideways. We’ve done a pretty good job of mastering the “side walk”, and I have to admit, it’s starting to tone my hips a little bit?

I have tried to pack everything that I think we won’t need in the next month. I donated and threw away some things and felt like I had made some great progress. Then, I looked in my office and almost cried. Papers filling the filing cabinet and on the desk and floor. Several plastic tubs filled with Christmas decorations. Ugh.

I need a giant shredding truck at my doorstep. The little office shredder I have will take forever to shred and overheats. I hoard and keep documents for years that I could’ve trashed awhile ago.

The Christmas decorations are nice, but do I really need to keep cheap Target bulbs from the 1990’s? Is it necessary to have ten sets of lights that I have no use for since I bought a pre-lit Walmart tree?

I feel like I’m making good progress, but know I will have last minute panic and end up feverishly tossing and recycling. The last thing I want is to move from one warehouse to another.

If anyone has good moving tips/tricks, please send them my way!

One Response to “Warehouse Living”

  1. Teresa (aka Wold) September 24, 2015 at 1:53 am #

    My parents were the same with keeping old files, bills, check books, etc. They put it all in the bon fire.

    After numerous cross country moves and it taking years to unpack, I’ve learned to downsize on my hoarding. Mind you, I still have a crap load of STUFF I need to get rid of but it’s coming along.
    The 10+ new boxes of blue Christmas lights for my house in CO… SOLD to a woman wanting blue Christmas lights (in the middle of summer) for her wedding reception.

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