Creative Broke

1 Oct

My friend and I were recently discussing ways we have to be creative when we’re broke. It’s not fun, but unfortunately, necessary.

She mentioned when she moved years ago they spent all their money on moving expenses and had no full-time employment. Their meals for the next three weeks? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

Their kitchen utensils were lost in the move and they had no money to buy any. So when they could afford hamburger, how did she flip the patties in the skillet? She very carefully used a Lego fence piece her son had been playing with.

When I qualified for food benefits, my daughter would receive canned goods and rice at her school from the local food shelf. For fear of embarrassment and being bullied by other kids, I told her she won the prize to get free food for the year. So instead of walking around feeling awkward and singled out, she was proud of her good fortune.

Hopefully, our creativity can soon be used for fun projects versus convincing ourselves we’re rolling in the dough on a dime.

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