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Interview Turkey Eve

25 Nov

If you’re on the drive home from Aunt Tootie’s or enroute to the mall for some shopping madness, tune in to WCCO Radio 830.  I will be talking with Jordana Green at 9:35pm about my book “Confused Woman: Tales & Advice on Love, Dating & Relationships”.  Check it out for some information, advice and laughter!

Elastic Waistband Time!

25 Nov

Yes, it is that time of year again.  I’m sure many of you have been working hard during the year to keep the pounds off by dieting and exercising.  However, tomorrow is the day where rules/points/calories go out the window!

The Super Bowl of meals, Thanksgiving, will soon be upon us.  Let the gluttony begin.  But first, we must delight in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the National Dog Show.  Of course, we can’t forget the newspaper ads!  They must be scoured, circled, highlighted, bookmarked, dog-eared so a strategic route can planned to launch a full scale shopping mission on Black Friday.

Next, the drive to Grandma’s house for “The Feast”, and of course football.  The food consumption will begin with a hand full of chips upon arrival and end with an extra slice of pie to go home.  A bottle of antacids and water will accompany the drive home.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and guilt-free Thanksgiving!

Part Two Teaser/Excerpt From my Book…Enjoy!!

19 Nov

How to Avoid Less-Than-Desirable Guys Online:
1. If he has no photo, he’s either a cheating spouse, part of a drug cartel, or in the witness protection program.
2. His profile has thirty pictures and ten pages of information about him, but what he’s looking for in a partner is blank .
3. He goes on a rant about every woman who’s “ever done him wrong,” yet says he likes candlelight dinners and cuddling. Um, yeah, right…with a blowtorch and a chokehold?

Upcoming Book Release and Tease

12 Nov

I have a new Facebook page set up for the upcoming release of my book, “Confused Woman: Tales and Advice on Love, Dating, and Relationships”.   Please check it out at,

The launch date will be released shortly…in the meantime, here’s a little excerpt/tease from the book:

“My former co-worker and friend is a wonderful person, but extremely naïve when it comes to dating. The red flags were flying, but she was walking by them like a blind squirrel.  On the way to the coffee shop, she asked me, “Do you think it’s weird that he makes a living selling knives  on eBay?””

I’m Back!

5 Nov

Hello!  I’m back and ready to start chatting with you again.  It seems like I’ve been away forever, even though it’s only been a few weeks.  I think the trauma of moving warps your memory and temporarily numbs your brain so you forget just how awful it is.

Overall, I have to say the move wasn’t too painful.  The weather could’ve been better…it had been warm, sunny and dry for weeks and then the day I decided to move, it rained.  Luckily, the majority of the move was completed before the steady rain appeared, so my belongings weren’t completely soaked.

The gentlemen that moved my things were very nice and professional, which made me feel like I was in good hands.  For the most part, I was, except for the four broken items that I discovered when putting pieces away in my hutch.

The first shattered piece was disappointing, but by the fourth piece, I was downright angry.  Granted, we did pack the breakables ourselves, so our packing might not have been up to snuff.  However, it was downright insulting when I submitted a claim for four slightly expensive items and received a measly $5.12 back in compensation.  Lesson learned….transport your own fragile items or suck it up and pay to have them pack.  If I had let them do the honors, the items would’ve been covered 100%.

Now the fun part begins….unpacking and figuring out where everything is and where to put them when found.  For the most part, I’m there, it’s just the minor things that are left.  Pictures still need to be hung and items need to be organized, but at least the main part of the move and hassle is over…and that is a great feeling.