Yes, That White Stuff is Snow

1 Dec

It’s funny, and ridiculous, how we have to go through this dog and pony show each and every winter.  I live in Minnesota, and yes, it snows.  Yet, somehow, that concept gets erased from everyone’s brain once spring arrives.

Yesterday was our first measurable snowfall and you would think it was Armageddon.  The local news spent 23 out of 30 minutes talking about the weather.  If they weren’t pointing to maps and trying to scare us to death, they were on the road with “live action commuting conditions”.

The driving on the roads themselves is even worse.  You have the drivers in SUV’s that think they’re invincible, forgetting even their tanks slide on ice.  You also have drivers that don’t believe, or care, that snow and ice is slippery and you need to brake sooner than right behind the vehicle in front of you.

Then there are the drivers like me….the slow pokes.  I have spun out too many times in my younger years that now I’m terrified I will end up in the ditch or hitting someone.  So I am the annoying car going well below the speed limit in the right lane, driving everyone behind me nuts.  I’m so tense when I drive, my fingers are stuck in the “gripping the steer wheel” position after I exit the car.

This is why we need cars that drive themselves.  The vehicles won’t panic or not give a crap when the weather is bad.  They will just do their job and get us from Point A to Point B safely, without road rage or dented fenders.


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