Online Shopping Angst-Child Style

9 Dec

For my daughter’s eighth birthday, she received a gift card from a family friend.  What did she want to purchase with said card?  Clothes, of course!

We checked out JCPenney’s website, which had great Black Friday online sales.  She found a bunch of cute items and I pressed the “Buy” button.

The minute I completed the purchase, the questions and whining began.  When will the clothes arrive?  Can’t they get here any sooner?  Why didn’t you choose express shipping?  What?!  Four to seven business days?  Mom, what’s a business day?

After a week, I seriously wanted to cancel the order because she was driving me nuts.  It didn’t help the package was shipped via UPS, but for some reason was delivered to the local post office versus my apartment building.

By some miracle, the postal worker was able to dig through the pallets of UPS deliveries and found her clothes.  It was like she was Santa Claus.  My daughter was ecstatic, and I was given the present of smiles and the question, “How does this look, Mom?”.

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