Cold Curmudgeons

19 Jan

Earlier this winter, I was giddy…well, as giddy as you can be in Minnesota in the winter.  We had a beautiful fall and winter was starting out pretty darn mild.  I felt optimistic that maybe we would escape the usual bitter January cold?

Nope. It not only appeared but downright blindsided us with a backhand across the face.  How quickly we forget how nasty winter can be here come January.  We should know better but we get lulled into a false sense of “nice”.

The media quickly reminds us where we’re at and how bad it’s going to be.  The headlines and water cooler conversations are full of information about dangerous wind chills and black ice.  It’s as if the world is ending because it’s sub-zero temps.  We’re pounded with so much warning and stats that we don’t want to leave home.

When we do venture out, we’re a bunch of cold curmudgeons.  Everyone’s face is buried in their jacket or facing the ground.  We’re dressed in 20 layers and don’t stop shivering until we’ve thawed a couple hours later.  There are no pleasant greetings, just a bunch of grunts and eye rolls.  Maybe we’ll be happy again in June?

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