Winter Blahs

27 Jan

It’s that time of year again.  After the fun of the holidays, we’re now in the midst of the winter blahs.  This is when I get the most depressed and wishing I lived in a warm climate.

It’s not like I can really even complain.  This winter has been amazingly mild.  Granted, we did have a couple cold snaps, but nothing compared to winters in the past.  We’ve had some snow, but not an incredible amount like the poor folks on the East Coast.

However, despite the mild temps and a decent amount of snow, I am still bummed.  All I yearn for is sunny skies, with warm weather so I can go for a walk and not worry about slipping and breaking a hip or adding to my frostbite collection (two fingers and three toes to be exact).

People have recommended those mood lamps to me but I wonder if they really work? How does that bulb affect me any differently than the one in my light on the dresser?

I watch real estate shows from Hawaii and listen to ocean waves on my white noise app but it doesn’t help.  All I see when I look out the window is cold and wet yuck.  I look forward to spring and Daylight Savings Time, when it’s not dark when I rise and leave work.  The sights of snow melting and flowers blooming and hearing birds singing.  Ahhhhhhh………

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