Always the Overachiever

16 Mar

I started a new job and as you know, there’s usually a pretty steep learning curve.  This time around, not only do I have to learn a ton of new terminology, but I also have to take classes and pass tests afterwards.  If I don’t pass, I don’t get access to the financial system to do my job.  No pressure at all!

I had taken these classes and worked with the system before, but it was a few years ago so my brain is older and the system has been updated.  The combination is ugly, to say the least.  I was overconfident in class, convinced I didn’t need to pay attention or study.

The first assessment I passed just fine.  The second assessment, however, was brutal.  It reminded me of those college finals where you think you had it aced, and then you realized you were screwed.

I failed the first try and was so frustrated.  I was in class!  I was in the front row!  I actually stayed awake!  How did I fail?  It probably didn’t help that I was rushing through it on a Friday afternoon so I could escape the office and head to happy hour.

Monday morning I was filled with anxiety.  What if I don’t pass again?  We get three tries (which is very generous I know) and if we still can’t get a passing grade we have to wait six months to try again. This cannot happen!

I wanted a perfect score, but honestly was happy that I passed on the second try.  It’s funny how after all of these years out of school I still have the overachiever “have to be the best” mentality.  It just never goes away.

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