Here Comes the Snow Again

23 Mar

I am a Minnesotan, born and raised.  Hell, at this rate, I’ll probably die an old fart here.  I should know better than to assume, once it gets warm near the end of winter/beginning of spring, we’re done with snow.

Two weekends ago, it was still winter, and it was 70 degrees.  I was in heaven walking around Lake of the Isles in a short-sleeved shirt.  Everyone was happy, dogs tails were wagging (well, they always are, but still), life was good!

Fast forward to tomorrow….a Winter Storm Watch.  Let the cursing begin!  It seems like every year our brains get deprogrammed and we forget where we live.  Long-term thinking says, “Yes!  It’s Minnesota!  Of course it can still snow in June!”  Short-term memory says, “Last weekend was 70 degrees. Winter is over. Bye bye boots, hello sandals!”



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