Bad Driver Buffet

13 Apr

It seems lately, anywhere you drive, you will encounter the free buffet that is a bad driver bonanza.  I don’t know if it’s something in the water, or the weather, but whatever it is, it sucks.

Today for example, I am driving on a divided highway going 60 mph, in the left lane.  I’m approaching an intersection that has lights and two left-turn lanes.  This brilliant specimen of a driver decided he didn’t want to turn left and all of a sudden pulled into my lane at a snail’s pace.  Not good.

I slam on my brakes, swerve, honk my horn, and somehow manage to miss him.  Good thing I was wide awake and not distracted.  Of course, this person then ends up at the next intersection next to me.  All I can think is, “Great, now this guy is going to shoot me because I honked at him.”

This unfortunately happened to a woman in Minneapolis last week, so the fear is real.  I arrived at the dentist office with my heart beating out of my chest.  Nothing like a near wreck to relax you for a filling replacement!

Talking to friends about what happened today, I heard again and again how bad drivers have become.  They’re getting cut off, swerved at, and barely escape a crash because of distracted driving.

It’s so frustrating after all of the media regarding texting and driving, people are still doing it.  What’s it going to take to get someone to put their damn phone down?  At this rate, eventually it may come to phones being jammed in cars except for emergency calls and if the car is at a complete stop with the engine off.

If people can’t police themselves, then it may be done for them someday.  In the meantime, put the phone down, keep the burger in the bag, take the headphones out of your ears, and pay attention!



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