Life Celebration and Spandex

27 Apr

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon for Grandma Marge’s Life Celebration.  My family started out with a small gathering in the cemetery to place flowers on her grave and say a few words/prayers.  It was very lovely.

We then went to the hotel for the celebration.  Prior to us arriving, we were told by the hotel there was an anime convention and there would be some people walking around in interesting costumes.  Um….yeah….that was the understatement of the week.

The life celebration was wonderful.  It was awesome to have so many friends and family gather together to talk, laugh, and cry, talking about Grandma Marge’s life.  We had a good time and it was great to reconnect with relatives we hadn’t seen for a very long time.

However…there was also this “little” event going on elsewhere in the hotel.  We looked out the windows and saw an endless stream of people in costumes….some in knee-high white plastic boots with their skirts in line with their butt cheeks.  There were people wielding “weapons” and wearing masks.  I wondered if I was at Grandma’s celebration or the freak show tent at the state fair.  It was entertaining and disturbing at the same time.

I had to laugh and think this was the work of my late “Crazy Uncle Terry”.  He loved to be goofy and have fun and I thought he had to have ordered this from the heavens.  Here’s Grandma Marge, who was very prim and proper that we’re celebrating, next to folks in spandex and body paint.  It was strange, funny, and wonderful.  Rest in peace, Grandma.  🙂


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