Minnesota Summer Construction-Style

4 May

It’s not even summer yet and the construction woes have reared their ugly head.  We had a mild winter so we survived the “skating rink and snowy roads” months.  Unfortunately, I think we had a two week break before the orange cones started hitting the pavement.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it wasn’t much longer after that.  While we try to understand and be patient that MNDOT only has so long to complete projects due to our “lovely” weather, it still sucks.

You try to dodge the construction but there’s only so far to maneuver without completely altering and adding on to your commute.  I can tolerate going an exit or two out of my way, but not a couple of miles.  It’s also frustrating sitting in traffic forever with everyone else trying to get around this crap.

As I’m sitting at a standstill, I think, “What if this is some sick bribe that the Dakotas, Iowa or Wisconsin paid to MNDOT to say your state blows.  If you lived here, you would have open roads because no one wants to live here.”

I’m kidding (kind of), but you wonder sometimes why they plan road projects the way they do.  Is it really because they only have so much time due to winter or do they just like to torture their tax-paying residents?

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