Purple Shame

26 May

I watched the Billboard Music Awards last Sunday and was cautiously optimistic the Prince tribute by Madonna would be good and appropriate.  Ugh. As a Minnesotan and long-time Prince fan, what an utter disappointment.

No offense to Madonna, but seriously, what was she and the Billboard folks thinking when they thought she would be the right person for the tribute?  Yeah, they may have been friends and counterparts back in the day, but seriously?!  It would be like asking Debbie Gibson to do a tribute to Michael Jackson because they were both from the 80’s.

Not that Madonna and Prince weren’t friendly, since I have no clue if they’ve communicated since then, but there were far better choices.  This has nothing to do with race or gender.  It has to do with respecting Prince and having a tribute worthy of the artist and person he was.  She does not fit the bill.

With the exception of Stevie Wonder, the segment was a disaster and an embarrassment.  Why didn’t Billboard pick artists that were close to Prince now or in the past like Sheila E or the Revolution?  Artists like Chaka Khan who covered one of his songs? How about picking artists that are in the same league and worthy of being on that stage honoring him?  Stevie Wonder was definitely a good choice.  Madonna, not even close.

Heck, I would’ve been happy with other local artists honoring him than Madonna.  Put a Minnesota twist on the show and honor our own.  Perhaps Minneapolis will step up and put on a tribute that will put Billboard and Madonna’s segment to shame.

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