Beer and Cheese Diet

8 Jun

This past weekend, CF and I were in Chippewa Falls, WI.  We’ve visited the last few years and love the area.  However, we always come back at least five pounds heavier, and bloated for a week.  Metamucil and Pepto-Bismol are your best friends, and you don’t want to see another cheese curd until the MN State Fair.

Granted, we could eat healthy and drink water, but hell, you’re in Wisconsin!  When in Rome, right?  There are a few nice breweries we visited, and a couple of restaurants that were on bodies of water, that had great food and nice views.

Of course, the restaurants had cheese curds, and plenty of beer.  You wonder why they even bother to offer anything else on their menus, since that’s all everyone orders.  There was an outdoor wedding at the one venue.  I was thinking, “Why do they have a buffet?  All they need is a keg and baskets of curds.”

The motel we stay at is very cute and old school.  There’s a woman who owns the place, and she is like your mom away from home.  She makes a hot breakfast every morning and if you don’t show up, she’ll ask where you were.

It’s not a five-star place, so the furnishings are out-of-date, but the rooms are immaculate.  She will come in to clean when you’re there for only a couple of days.  We found that out the hard way on our first visit.

We were complete slobs, leaving our bed unmade, towels all over, and clothes on the floor.  When we returned, the bed was made, new towels and sheets were in place, and our clothes were hung and folded.  We were embarrassed that we left the room in such a tacky state.

Overall, the Chippewa Falls area is awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone.  Just be prepared, if you don’t dig beer and cheese, you’ll need to pack your own Perrier and kale.  😉

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