Summer Fly By

14 Jul

Is it just me, or is the summer flying by?  One minute, we’re happy there’s snow off of the ground and it stays light past 6pm, and the next minute it’s mid-July!  It’s seriously crazy.

My daughter was so pumped for summer at the end of the school year and now she’s asking when it’s time to return.  Not that the activities aren’t fun at the YMCA, but now that she’s going into third grade, it’s a big deal to head back to class.

I love the Minnesota State Fair.  Every year I’m so excited for it to start, fully knowing it means the end of summer.  I’m always pumped for the announcement of the new foods, which appears to start earlier and earlier (in my mind anyways).  We have barely finished last year’s new foods and beverages and now we’re looking forward to the next batch of caloric bombs.

It’s funny how in the spring we’re so desperate for warm temperatures but by mid-summer, we’re complaining about the heat.  We so quickly forget how a few months ago we were shivering and waiting for the grass to appear from under the snow.

If I had a magic wand, I would slow down the summer, starting now, and slowly enjoy every single moment, sight and smell.  I know soon enough, it will be fall, and we’ll wish for these long and “Minnesota-tropical” days.

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