Third Time’s The Charm

17 Aug

The last few weeks, I have been looking to purchase a home, after I found out my already high rent was going to become ridiculously high rent.  I love our place and the location is awesome, but it’s insane to pay the same amount for a one-bedroom apartment as you would for a decent house in the suburbs.

The first place I looked at was secured after several go-arounds with the sellers.  It did kind of creep me out a woman died in there, but I figured the price was right so I can get over it.  The deal fell through after I couldn’t obtain pre-approval due to the crazy stringent guidelines underwriters now follow.  Before the market crash, they’d give out mortgages like free gifts at the state fair.  Not anymore.  You pretty much have to give up your first born to get one today.

The second place was in a very nice community and at a reasonable price.  However, when we were told the condo was “in a little rough shape”, that was the understatement of the century.  This unit could’ve been featured on the show Hoarders.  It was so disgusting I had to breathe through my mouth so I wouldn’t gag.

We knew the condo would need to be gutted so we offered a lower price.  The seller and realtor had never seen the unit and had no clue how awful it was.  They refused to gut it and replace broken appliances so I walked away.

Frustrated by this jerky seller, I hit the web again and found a townhouse in a nearby community and in the same school district.  It was right in my price range and needed some updating, but nothing that some paint and decorating can’t fix.

I submitted an offer and crossed my fingers.  There were no other offers on the table.  I was cautiously optimistic.  That’s when a text came in from my realtor saying a last minute cash offer was presented.  Great.

I figured I stood zero chance and resigned myself to the fact that I will be paying sky-high rent for another year.  So I texted my realtor to ask what happened and then he responded, “Whoohoo, they accepted your offer.”  What?!

I don’t know what happened with that cash offer and I don’t care. All that matters is that it worked in my favor and I’m forever grateful to the sellers for picking me.  Thanks to them, a single mom can now give her daughter a good house, with her own bedroom, and in an excellent school district.  🙂

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