It’s State Fair Time!

24 Aug

I am SO excited!  Even though I’m sad it’s nearing the end of summer (where the f*&k did it go?!), I’m so pumped for the MN State Fair.  It’s a tradition and I think there’s only been a couple of years when I have not attended.

Now, I have my daughter hooked on it and she can’t wait to visit.  Hopefully, the weather will be better than last year, when we bailed by lunchtime because it was so dang hot!

There is basically the same “crap” every year, but it doesn’t matter….it’s still so much fun to try the new foods and people watch.  Actually, that is the favorite part of the fair for me.  I really enjoy seeing all walks of life taking in the sights and sounds and enjoying the great Minnesota Get Together.

My daughter always wants to check out the animal barns and I want to hit the Creative Arts building.  She’s amazed by horses and cows and I’m amazed by the creativity and talent of Minnesotans.

Then there is the Midway….she wants to go on all of the rides, and I’m telling her the one or two I will actually get on.  The giant slide isn’t in the Midway, but it should be.  That darn thing was a blast when I was a little kid and continues to be…I still have a scar on my elbow from rubbing against the slide to prove it!

How I’ve progressed from being a kid pulled around the fair in a little red wagon to being an adult and showing my daughter the sights and sounds of the last hurrah of summer.  It was, and will continue to be, the best ending to a Minnesota season.  🙂


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