Loosen Up! Roll it Down!

31 Aug

The last couple of days in the Twin Cities have been nothing short of spectacular…or according to a local meteorologist, “A Top 10 Weather Day!!!”

So, as I’m driving in to work, I’m noticing something.  Out of the hundreds of cars on the freeway with me, I think maybe three of us had our windows rolled down.  It’s cool, low humidity, perfect “rolled-down window” conditions, yet they’re buttoned up like a cardigan in December.

I’m cruising along with the window down and the tunes cranked.  It’s kind of like a motorized nightclub, and I love it.  While the rest of the commuters are locked up, rolled up, and air-conditioned in their vehicle cocoons, I’m opening up and rocking out like it’s 1999!

I figure the commute is stressful enough so why not enjoy it and let the breeze in and the music out?  I’m thinking tomorrow I might blast the Macarena or YMCA in the car and see if anyone has the urge to have a front-seat-dance along (safely of course for all of you concerned motorists).  🙂

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